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Yemin 287. Bölüm Özeti:
Emir oğlunu kucağına alır ve bu tablonun mimarı Feride sonunda büyük bir mutluluk yaşar. Yaralı Feride’yi hastaneye yetiştiren Emir travmasının üstesinden gelmek adına büyük bir adım attığının farkındadır. Feride ise yaralı olmasına rağmen umut doludur. Her şey tatlıya bağlandı derken bir anda beklenmedik bir şey olur. Emir çok istese de oğluna yaklaşamaz. Büyük bir kırılma yaşayan Emir ne zaman oğlunu bağrına basacak? Kemal, gerçekleri Kumru’ya söyledikten sonra her şey altüst olmuştur. Narin, Kemal’e bu hareketinden ötürü tepkilidir. Öte yandan Kumru ise öğrendiklerinden sonra intiharın eşiğine gelir. Tüm bu yaşananlar Narin ile Kemal’in arasında nasıl sonuçlar doğuracak?

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When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.


Selma Gerk
Selma Gerk 54 dəqiqə əvvəl
Atla kız, sende Kurtul, Narinde!!!!! Kız sen niye anlamıyorsun, Kumrun'nun şeytan ve sapık olduğunu!!!!
Ibtissam Al Sayadi
Ibtissam Al Sayadi Gün əvvəl
يجماعة ريحان حترجع او لا؟
Ibtissam Al Sayadi
Ibtissam Al Sayadi Gün əvvəl
Who know in which eposide reyhan will become?
Sarv Sahi
Sarv Sahi 5 gün əvvəl
00:02:02,280 --> 00:02:03,360 Emir! 2 00:02:04,600 --> 00:02:05,640 Wait! 3 00:04:10,640 --> 00:04:13,600 This hasn't ended here! It hasn't! 4 00:04:14,740 --> 00:04:16,160 Let go! Let go! 5 00:04:26,240 --> 00:04:29,000 Aunt! Will you take him? 6 00:04:34,800 --> 00:04:36,740 We need a doctor! 7 00:04:40,340 --> 00:04:42,160 You take Feride to the hospital! 8 00:04:42,160 --> 00:04:44,160 -Yiğit is with us. Don't worry! -Alright! 9 00:04:51,020 --> 00:04:52,520 Come hold on! 10 00:04:56,780 --> 00:04:58,840 Go sit in the car right now! 11 00:06:59,400 --> 00:07:01,280 That dirty scum! 12 00:07:02,240 --> 00:07:05,000 I should have give him his punishment with my own hands! 13 00:07:05,000 --> 00:07:06,680 With my own hands! 14 00:07:10,140 --> 00:07:12,300 It's bleeding too much! 15 00:07:15,440 --> 00:07:16,380 Hold on! 16 00:07:16,660 --> 00:07:18,300 Look, we're very close! 17 00:07:18,300 --> 00:07:21,420 Lean your head back!Let your self relax! 18 00:07:21,540 --> 00:07:22,780 I... 19 00:07:23,900 --> 00:07:25,760 I'm very happy now! 20 00:07:26,580 --> 00:07:29,240 I saw Yiğit in your arms. 21 00:07:29,880 --> 00:07:31,780 What else would I want? 22 00:07:33,040 --> 00:07:35,200 Yiğit is united with his father. 23 00:07:37,520 --> 00:07:38,540 I... 24 00:07:39,120 --> 00:07:41,000 have no pain at all. 25 00:07:41,520 --> 00:07:43,480 I have no pain! 26 00:07:51,920 --> 00:07:53,000 Don't sleep! 27 00:07:53,000 --> 00:07:55,780 Don't you sleep!Look! Hold on! We're very close! Do you hear me? 28 00:07:55,780 --> 00:07:57,560 Don't sleep! Please! 29 00:08:50,060 --> 00:08:51,580 Her arm was stabbed. 30 00:08:51,580 --> 00:08:54,520 She's lost a lot of blood but when I found out I didn't leave it open. 31 00:08:54,520 --> 00:08:57,420 The stab isn't in a vital place. You don't need to worry. 32 00:08:57,420 --> 00:08:58,460 The wound is deep! 33 00:08:58,460 --> 00:09:01,040 I wrapped the wound but it kept bleeding. 34 00:09:01,040 --> 00:09:03,580 Don't worry at all! We will do the necessary treatment. 35 00:09:03,580 --> 00:09:06,840 Look, the situation is serious. I said it keeps bleeding. You don't even listen to me. 36 00:09:06,840 --> 00:09:08,960 I head you! I'll take care of it. 37 00:09:08,960 --> 00:09:10,960 I'm fine! 38 00:09:11,640 --> 00:09:14,240 And from now on everything will become much better. 39 00:09:14,240 --> 00:09:15,320 I know! 40 00:09:16,260 --> 00:09:19,340 Forget me! Run to Yiğit! 41 00:09:19,340 --> 00:09:21,200 Embrace your son! 42 00:09:21,200 --> 00:09:23,200 Embrace him tightly! 43 00:09:28,940 --> 00:09:30,440 Please, allow us! 44 00:14:20,820 --> 00:14:22,780 -Emir bey! -Yes! 45 00:14:22,960 --> 00:14:24,780 Reşit who had kidnapped your son 46 00:14:24,780 --> 00:14:26,620 has been arrested and will be tried. 47 00:14:26,620 --> 00:14:28,420 Your testimony is needed. 48 00:14:28,420 --> 00:14:29,480 I understand. 49 00:14:29,480 --> 00:14:32,740 But at the moment I don't know what his situation has been. 50 00:14:40,440 --> 00:14:43,200 You look better! have you got any pain? 51 00:14:43,200 --> 00:14:44,660 I'm better. yes! 52 00:14:44,820 --> 00:14:47,140 I have a little pain but it will pass. 53 00:14:47,580 --> 00:14:48,720 Doctor? 54 00:14:48,720 --> 00:14:50,420 Our patient is in a good state. 55 00:14:50,420 --> 00:14:52,200 The wound has been treated. 56 00:14:52,200 --> 00:14:53,780 It can hurt for a few days. 57 00:14:53,780 --> 00:14:55,780 So we will give her some pain reliever. 58 00:14:55,900 --> 00:14:58,220 But her blood pressure isn't stable. It goes up and down. 59 00:14:58,220 --> 00:15:00,560 So she needs to rest in the hospital tonight. 60 00:15:00,560 --> 00:15:02,560 Can we give our testimonies tomorrow? 61 00:15:02,560 --> 00:15:05,440 Definitely! Our patient must rest tonight. 62 00:15:05,440 --> 00:15:07,440 Alright! Fast recovery! 63 00:19:36,440 --> 00:19:38,080 How is it? Are you comfortable? 64 00:19:45,400 --> 00:19:47,460 So your agitation is passed finally! 65 00:19:47,460 --> 00:19:49,600 When we came to the hospital I was very nervous! 66 00:19:49,640 --> 00:19:52,100 So if I said something wrong pardon me! 67 00:19:52,100 --> 00:19:52,640 No problem! 68 00:19:52,640 --> 00:19:55,480 When someone sees their loved one get hurt, that's what happens! 69 00:20:00,800 --> 00:20:02,040 Feride hanim! 70 00:20:02,040 --> 00:20:03,780 Your test results are very good. 71 00:20:03,780 --> 00:20:05,780 Everything looks fine. 72 00:20:05,780 --> 00:20:08,800 If you needed anything, call me. I'll come! 73 00:20:08,800 --> 00:20:10,800 Rest well! 74 00:20:30,680 --> 00:20:32,220 What did the police say? 75 00:20:32,300 --> 00:20:34,780 They have arrested that scum! 76 00:20:35,280 --> 00:20:38,820 I'll do anything I can so he stays in there forever. 77 00:20:43,020 --> 00:20:45,380 Many thanks that nothing happened to Yiğit. 78 00:20:45,380 --> 00:20:47,380 If anything has happened to him 79 00:20:47,380 --> 00:20:49,380 I don't even want to think about it. 80 00:20:51,900 --> 00:20:54,560 Many thanks his father were on time to save him. 81 00:20:54,560 --> 00:20:56,560 He rescued him. 82 00:21:07,080 --> 00:21:09,120 Eeee..... water! 83 00:21:11,560 --> 00:21:14,660 Do you want water? Shall I tell them to bring some? 84 00:23:20,240 --> 00:23:21,460 Are you hungry? 85 00:23:21,520 --> 00:23:23,700 If you're hungry I'll tell them to bring something to eat. 86 00:23:23,700 --> 00:23:25,700 No, I'm not hungry. 87 00:23:29,800 --> 00:23:31,100 Are you comfortable? 88 00:23:32,640 --> 00:23:34,360 That pillow is not enough it seems. 89 00:23:34,360 --> 00:23:36,200 I'll tell the nurse to bring one more. 90 00:23:36,200 --> 00:23:38,200 Not necessary. I'm fine. 91 00:23:45,960 --> 00:23:49,160 Sometimes I think you're very weird, you know. 92 00:23:49,300 --> 00:23:50,740 Weird? 93 00:23:50,740 --> 00:23:51,620 Yes! 94 00:23:52,180 --> 00:23:53,980 I mean you went through so much! 95 00:23:53,980 --> 00:23:56,740 Allah knows you haven't had anything for hours! 96 00:23:57,460 --> 00:23:59,240 But you say I'm not hungry! 97 00:23:59,240 --> 00:24:01,240 On the way, too, you were passing out 98 00:24:01,240 --> 00:24:03,240 but you say I'm happy! 99 00:24:03,440 --> 00:24:05,080 Because I was happy! 100 00:24:05,160 --> 00:24:07,580 Because what I wanted the most has happened!
Sarv Sahi
Sarv Sahi 5 gün əvvəl
00:51:16,720 --> 00:51:18,720 -Ha? Uhum! 202 00:51:19,480 --> 00:51:22,640 As soon as we got home I'll prepare your milk. Ok?! 203 00:51:27,860 --> 00:51:30,000 Taking a car tour is very nice, isn't it?! 204 00:51:30,000 --> 00:51:32,000 Like a cradle! 205 00:51:32,520 --> 00:51:35,900 Baba is driving slowly so you wouldn't be afraid! 206 00:54:01,740 --> 00:54:03,540 Many thanks you're fine, my girl! 207 00:54:04,980 --> 00:54:06,360 I'm going to my room. 208 00:54:09,420 --> 00:54:11,940 Come in my girl. Sit down! Don't stay standing! 209 00:54:29,040 --> 00:54:30,300 Ah, my girl! 210 00:54:30,500 --> 00:54:33,640 How did you endanger your life for Yiğit! 211 00:54:33,740 --> 00:54:37,360 What a good-hearted angelic girl you are! 212 00:54:40,720 --> 00:54:43,140 May Allah grant your every wish! 213 00:54:43,140 --> 00:54:44,500 You saved Yiğit 214 00:54:44,500 --> 00:54:46,500 and united this father and son! 215 00:54:46,940 --> 00:54:49,580 They told me he'd taken his baby in his arms. 216 00:54:50,580 --> 00:54:53,020 I don't know if I've united them, Melike abla. 217 00:54:53,020 --> 00:54:54,580 Look at his state. 218 00:54:54,580 --> 00:54:56,340 It's like he's escaping again. 219 00:54:56,440 --> 00:54:59,360 He's taken a step but I don't know if he's going or coming. 220 00:55:00,880 --> 00:55:02,880 In the morning when Yiğit was crying 221 00:55:02,880 --> 00:55:05,160 he went as far as his side, bent down 222 00:55:05,340 --> 00:55:07,620 when he was just about to embrace him 223 00:55:07,960 --> 00:55:10,480 he turned to leave the room. He gave up! 224 00:55:11,500 --> 00:55:13,040 He couldn't! 225 01:02:33,780 --> 01:02:36,620 In my or an unknown person's hands, yes! 226 01:02:36,620 --> 01:02:39,580 But he won't hurt in his own father's hands. 227 01:02:39,940 --> 01:02:42,420 Everyone hesitates at the beginning like you. 228 01:02:42,420 --> 01:02:44,840 But if you listen to your feelings 229 01:02:44,840 --> 01:02:47,360 your hands will know how to touch him. 230 01:02:48,940 --> 01:02:52,160 In a few minutes it'll be like you've embraced him all the time. 231 01:02:52,160 --> 01:02:54,800 You will feel embraced as you embrace him. 232 01:02:55,260 --> 01:02:58,360 When you can't feel his warmth you will miss it! 233 01:02:58,360 --> 01:03:02,640 You will know that his fragrance is the world's best fragrance you've ever smelled. 234 01:03:02,640 --> 01:03:04,960 That fragrance will always be in your nose. 235 01:03:10,800 --> 01:03:14,040 I mean if you let yourself be comfortable the rest will come. 236 01:03:21,340 --> 01:03:23,620 It's not as easy as you say. 237 01:03:23,620 --> 01:03:26,780 I saw how you struggled for him with my own eyes. 238 01:03:26,900 --> 01:03:28,900 You were afraid of losing him. 239 01:03:28,900 --> 01:03:31,920 Thinking he could be hurt, drove you crazy. 240 01:03:32,720 --> 01:03:35,380 Don't go back to the beginning now, please. 241 01:03:35,380 --> 01:03:37,380 Don't leave him fatherless again. 242 01:03:38,360 --> 01:03:41,160 After all those things don't do that. 243 01:03:43,160 --> 01:03:46,280 Actually what's difficult is what your doing now; 244 01:03:46,280 --> 01:03:48,760 trying to stay far from him. 245 01:03:51,340 --> 01:03:52,740 I can't! 246 01:03:55,180 --> 01:03:57,100 I want to but... 247 01:03:57,720 --> 01:03:57,720 Welcome! 248 01:03:59,020 --> 01:04:00,560 it can't be! 249 01:06:00,900 --> 01:06:02,840 Baba! 250 01:08:33,220 --> 01:08:34,700 My son! 251 01:08:43,760 --> 01:08:45,200 My son!
Sarv Sahi
Sarv Sahi 5 gün əvvəl
00:24:10,320 --> 00:24:11,420 Yiğit.... 102 00:24:12,540 --> 00:24:14,380 You took your son in your arms. 103 00:24:14,380 --> 00:24:17,580 That moment I wouldn't care even if my arm was cut off! 104 00:24:22,340 --> 00:24:24,320 Look, I'm really fine. 105 00:24:24,320 --> 00:24:26,320 I think you'd better go home now. 106 00:24:27,040 --> 00:24:28,760 Be beside Yiğit! 107 00:24:28,760 --> 00:24:32,480 You father and son don't stay apart because of me on the day you were united. 108 00:24:38,040 --> 00:24:40,000 You'd better not stay alone here. 109 00:24:40,520 --> 00:24:42,460 Everyone's at the mansion actually. 110 00:24:42,960 --> 00:24:45,080 I mean he's not alone. There's no problem. 111 00:24:47,020 --> 00:24:48,820 When I saw him in your arms 112 00:24:48,820 --> 00:24:50,980 I can't explain how I felt. 113 00:24:50,980 --> 00:24:52,980 How about you? 114 00:24:53,300 --> 00:24:56,420 How did you feel when you took him in your arms? 115 00:25:16,660 --> 00:25:17,800 Feride! 116 00:25:20,460 --> 00:25:21,580 My dear! 117 00:25:23,200 --> 00:25:25,880 If you knew how frightened I was! 118 00:25:26,120 --> 00:25:28,680 I couldn't relax until I'd see you with my own eyes. 119 00:25:29,800 --> 00:25:31,820 You're fine! Many thanks! Many thanks Allah! 120 00:25:31,820 --> 00:25:34,440 We have to donate! 121 00:25:35,460 --> 00:25:37,860 May ominous events pass fast for you, too, Emir bey! 122 00:25:40,840 --> 00:25:42,000 Many thanks! 123 00:25:43,780 --> 00:25:45,560 My sister-in-law has come! 124 00:25:45,560 --> 00:25:47,560 I think you'd better go home. 125 00:27:28,860 --> 00:27:30,260 What if I fall?! 126 00:27:30,260 --> 00:27:31,660 Ouch! 127 00:27:35,340 --> 00:27:38,480 It hurts a lot! Kiss it better! 128 00:27:41,420 --> 00:27:45,720 Yeah! When you kiss it it gets better! 129 00:27:48,140 --> 00:27:51,660 To make it better! 130 00:30:38,800 --> 00:30:42,060 Allah I beg you never let him get separated from his father. 131 00:30:42,760 --> 00:30:45,040 My angel doesn't have a mother. 132 00:30:45,040 --> 00:30:47,440 May he not be deprived from his dad again. 133 00:30:48,840 --> 00:30:50,740 Please Allah! 134 00:32:25,620 --> 00:32:27,180 As a baby 135 00:32:27,960 --> 00:32:29,300 you I mean 136 00:32:29,740 --> 00:32:33,520 called out to me when I passed in front of the door every night. 137 00:32:35,320 --> 00:32:38,760 Agoooo, googoo, oogoo, like this! 138 00:32:39,820 --> 00:32:40,840 What to do?! 139 00:32:41,080 --> 00:32:43,320 It's like this kid has an eye every where. 140 00:32:43,320 --> 00:32:45,440 He's lying in his cradle looking at the ceiling but 141 00:32:45,440 --> 00:32:47,440 sees me through the door. 142 00:32:54,600 --> 00:32:57,000 He felts his father! 143 00:32:58,440 --> 00:33:00,460 You felt me! 144 00:33:03,800 --> 00:33:06,480 It's good that you felt your child's warmth 145 00:33:06,720 --> 00:33:08,980 smelled his heavenly fragrance. 146 00:33:09,460 --> 00:33:12,100 You'll see! It will become your healing! 147 00:33:14,440 --> 00:33:17,900 I wish I could be a father like you. 148 00:33:19,080 --> 00:33:19,900 I... 149 00:33:22,960 --> 00:33:25,180 I'm very tired, baba! 150 00:33:27,600 --> 00:33:28,680 Alright, my son! 151 00:33:28,840 --> 00:33:31,260 Go lie down! Have a good sleep! 152 00:37:44,700 --> 00:37:45,580 What?! 153 00:37:48,060 --> 00:37:50,380 Embrace your son! 154 00:37:51,680 --> 00:37:53,860 He will calm down once he smells you. 155 00:38:26,360 --> 00:38:28,520 You could take him in your arms, my son! 156 00:38:29,800 --> 00:38:31,260 You do that, Melike abla! 157 00:38:40,900 --> 00:38:41,740 Come here! 158 00:38:47,880 --> 00:38:50,260 Put on his clothes, prepare him! We're going somewhere. 159 00:38:50,260 --> 00:38:52,700 Where are you going at this hour? 160 00:38:52,920 --> 00:38:54,700 Just do as I said, Melike abla! 161 00:38:58,260 --> 00:39:00,160 Come on! 162 00:41:09,480 --> 00:41:11,340 Don't cry! Look, we're very close! 163 00:41:11,640 --> 00:41:14,060 We're too close, really! 164 00:41:14,060 --> 00:41:16,680 I mean I could go faster actually but 165 00:41:16,680 --> 00:41:19,100 because you're in the car I'm driving slowly! 166 00:41:23,040 --> 00:41:24,840 You're bored, I know! 167 00:41:25,960 --> 00:41:27,200 Look outside! 168 00:41:27,200 --> 00:41:29,000 See the trees! 169 00:41:29,340 --> 00:41:31,740 Look, a bird or something might fly! 170 00:41:36,780 --> 00:41:40,180 Hey, there's a baby in the car, a baby! What is with that honk honk honk?! 171 00:45:18,380 --> 00:45:21,280 -How are you today? -Fine, thank you! 172 00:45:25,040 --> 00:45:25,760 Yiğit?! 173 00:45:30,620 --> 00:45:32,880 Mashallah! How sweet you are! 174 00:45:36,020 --> 00:45:38,200 I'll leave you alone! 175 00:45:38,320 --> 00:45:40,840 You can do the discharge paperwork in a bit. 176 00:45:47,020 --> 00:45:48,560 He's been crying since morning! 177 00:45:48,560 --> 00:45:50,260 I couldn't calm him down at all! 178 00:45:50,260 --> 00:45:52,740 I mean we couldn't calm down! 179 00:45:54,720 --> 00:45:56,420 Ok, I'll do it now! 180 00:45:56,420 --> 00:45:57,900 You give him to me! 181 00:46:04,820 --> 00:46:06,560 You embraced him last night! 182 00:46:06,560 --> 00:46:08,180 You can do it again. 183 00:46:08,340 --> 00:46:09,740 It'll hurt him! 184 00:46:09,740 --> 00:46:12,040 Look at those small arms and legs! 185 00:46:12,180 --> 00:46:14,960 Ok, but if you don't give him I can't take him in this state. 186 00:46:14,960 --> 00:46:16,280 It's very difficult. 187 00:46:17,300 --> 00:46:18,520 And you won't hurt him. 188 00:46:18,520 --> 00:46:21,720 Every touch of his father will be like healing for him. 189 00:46:21,900 --> 00:46:25,160 In your arms he will feel like being embraced by cotton! 190 00:46:34,020 --> 00:46:35,380 Here, done! 191 00:46:35,720 --> 00:46:37,240 You take care of him 192 00:46:37,240 --> 00:46:40,000 I'll do the paperwork. Ok?! 193 00:46:52,040 --> 00:46:54,220 My baby! My sweetie pie! 194 00:46:54,220 --> 00:46:56,220 Come here, come! 195 00:47:04,980 --> 00:47:05,900 My fluffy! 196 00:51:07,380 --> 00:51:08,820 What is it my only one? 197 00:51:08,820 --> 00:51:10,820 You're talkative again?! 198 00:51:11,520 --> 00:51:13,560 Are you hungry perhaps?! Ha?! 199 00:51:13,880 --> 00:51:15,560 Look, baba is taking you home. 200 00:51:15,560 --> 00:51:16,720 We're very close.
Isabel Vinces
Isabel Vinces 13 gün əvvəl
Por fa serían tan amables d pasarnos los capítulos al español latino gracias mil gracias.
Dönay Öztürk
Dönay Öztürk 15 gün əvvəl
leman selimova
leman selimova 16 gün əvvəl
Öl Cavidan öll
leman selimova
leman selimova 16 gün əvvəl
Kaş ki Reyhan sol yanim dizisinə görə ayrilmazdi 😔
Hourya Asmane
Hourya Asmane 16 gün əvvəl
فريدة غير كاتعرض ماشي ابحال ريحان ممثلية مليء بالحنان
Shahid Ferozi
Shahid Ferozi 19 gün əvvəl
Plz yayhan come back
Durkhu Khan Durkhu Bibi
Durkhu Khan Durkhu Bibi 21 gün əvvəl
plz season 4 me rahan ko ali awo
Malak Malak
Malak Malak 24 gün əvvəl
Émir you are thé best
Mei Sirait
Mei Sirait 25 gün əvvəl
Film nya bagus sekali walaupun tidak mengerti bahasa nya tapi tidak ada Reyhan terasa sedih jadi tidak semangat nonton nya..😭😭😢 I from Indonesia
Aldenora Da Costa Da Silva
Aldenora Da Costa Da Silva 26 gün əvvəl
Eu não entendo porque ele não aceitava o filho se amava a Rayne infelizmente .Não entendo nada não sei porque não é dublada
zeenat hakim
zeenat hakim 28 gün əvvəl
Lovely n emotional heart touching moment
MARYAM Mila 28 gün əvvəl
Kaski reyhan olardi.
Wahyudi Diky
Wahyudi Diky Ay əvvəl
Pemeranny di ganti jadi ga mut nonton lagi
Kinza Nawab
Kinza Nawab Ay əvvəl
Pls upload ep1 of season 3
solmarina leon
solmarina leon Ay əvvəl
Por donde la puedo ver completa en audio español por favor
Shibbir Ahmed
Shibbir Ahmed Ay əvvəl
We miss Reyhan ,It's not fare Mr Director
Shibbir Ahmed
Shibbir Ahmed Ay əvvəl
Reyhan I miss you
Папум Джамбулатова
Папум Джамбулатова Ay əvvəl
У меня интерес пропал смотреть дальше после Рейхан
سمية طالب
سمية طالب Ay əvvəl
اين هي ريحان نحن نحب كثيرا الحنون الاجمل ريحان
Hubert Kuźma
Hubert Kuźma Ay əvvəl
Boisz się nie masz odwagi . Za dobrze ci jest u Narin i Kemala
Hubert Kuźma
Hubert Kuźma Ay əvvəl
A skacz jak ci życie nie miłe i masz nie pokoleji w głowie.👎👎👎👎👎
Halina Sobczyk
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Feride go home. 👿FERIDE Go home, Feride go home 🤮👿🤮👿🤮👿🤮👿🤮
Monika Mishra
Monika Mishra Ay əvvəl
Why made this serial when u don't know the end
Isabel Gómez
Isabel Gómez Ay əvvəl
Bello video 😍 Baby Emir 😇😇👏👏😍☘️☘️💖💖😍
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Bu oya neyede oxsayir eybecer ilan
Khadija Elhaij
Khadija Elhaij Ay əvvəl
Mega Star
Mega Star Ay əvvəl
Киноси видини бузяпти
Mega Star
Mega Star Ay əvvəl
Онови кумри жизни качон оларикинаааа
SABA NAZ Ay əvvəl
Yigit nd baba 😍😍
Hassan haeder
Hassan haeder Ay əvvəl
ارجو تنزيل الحلقه كامله ومترجمه ومترجمه ومترجمه
rj Raduan
rj Raduan Ay əvvəl
Hindi dubbed Please... And please Reyhan come back... Please... Please... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Halina Sienkiewicz
Halina Sienkiewicz Ay əvvəl
Mam prośbę proszę o przetłumaczenie co Emir mówi do syna o Reyhan. Bardzo proszę. Pozdrawiam. Spokojnej nocy😊
Makentzi Ay əvvəl
Where can we see latest episodes in Hindi dubbed version
ზაირა ჩხაიძე
ზაირა ჩხაიძე Ay əvvəl
بيشمركه بلي
بيشمركه بلي Ay əvvəl
هدي منو طفل حرام
Hdhdhdhdhdu Bdndbdndhdhd
Hdhdhdhdhdu Bdndbdndhdhd Ay əvvəl
Emir yit👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘
Sarwat Chaudhary
Sarwat Chaudhary Ay əvvəl
Last scene made me cry Gokberk you are amazing
Nadia 2020
Nadia 2020 Ay əvvəl
Feride 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Helena Helena
Helena Helena Ay əvvəl
Reyhan emir 🥰🥰🥰
Helena Helena
Helena Helena Ay əvvəl
No ferideh. 👎👎👎👎
Helena Helena
Helena Helena Ay əvvəl
Reyhan emir
ماكو وفه ياناس
ماكو وفه ياناس Ay əvvəl
وين اكو بطلت مسلسل تموت لعبت نفسي من المسلسل
Leyla Namazova
Leyla Namazova Ay əvvəl
Kumru çokkk cadi
Elsa Ordonez
Elsa Ordonez Ay əvvəl
Novela más estupida
dftrdfj Ay əvvəl
Emir cocuk catladi ya qucagna Alain olurmusun
Гульсим Ажиева
Гульсим Ажиева Ay əvvəl
Почему не показывают сестренку Эмира,кстати актрису,которая ее играла в начальных сериях,показали в сериале,который шел в этой серии. А Зейнеп девочка,которую приютили Райхан и Эмир,куда она делась? Вообщем много упущенных моментов
Yasin Memmedov
Yasin Memmedov Ay əvvəl
Emir bey sizi Rehansiz kormek mene ele zor ki
Naila Velic
Naila Velic Ay əvvəl
Kako se nesjetiš Rejhaninih rjeci a od robijašice se sjecaš ma baš si se srozao Emire ma do dna a vrtiš se oko robijašice prevaranta ma fuj fuj dajte ovo privodite kraju djete place a on prica kao daje djete odraslo ma fuj,fuj🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏻👎🏻🙈🙈😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡
Halina Sobczyk
Halina Sobczyk Ay əvvəl
Only Reyhan and Emir and Ygit. Reyhan come beck for Ygit and Emira. Bo Feride zajmie twoje miejsce przy Emirze i dziecku. Wracaj Reyhan. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
masooda bano
masooda bano Ay əvvəl
Why they reduced it's timing to 1 hour?
The Lazy Life
The Lazy Life Ay əvvəl
Manmeet SSR friend➡Preksha SSR friend➡Disha➡SSR➡Sameer Linked Subka murder hva ha I'm from Pakistan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Rhea Chakraborti Salli ne ek exam topper ko depressed bna diya juthi Sab kuch juth ha sub kuch Rhea raat ko Mahesh ne zyada dall diya kya Chats ka bta? Cash ka bta? Crime place pe entry ka bta? Cooper ka bta? CBI ki mang ki or jab CBI bethnay wlii thi usko ku rokna chaha ye bta? Apni leaked video ka bta? SSR ki family k reply ku nhi thi krti bta? Drug walay se ku milti thi bta? Tunay kaha k SSR unchaii se dartay thay but SSR plane uratay thay ab bta? AajTak pr aii na tu "10min Arnab k sath aa live" SSR neighbor Justice for SSR from Pak❤ POWER OF SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT✅ BYCUTBOLLYWOOD® I HATE BOLLYWOOD FROM PAK❤ LOVE, RESPECT & SUPPORT FOR SSR🌷 Room mai new paint kr diya gya Room mai furniture Change kr diya gya Room ka door change kr diya gya Imp watches, cash,Gold things & imp things etc sub gaib Bank cash b khali kr diya gya Cameras company ne b confirm kiya k cameras bilkul thk thay Fake police, Fake ambulance, Fake doctor, Fake postmortem & fake friends etc Where's SSR App projects? The neck mark isn't a suicide mark✅✅✅ Why Kangana office destroyed??? ✅ ✅ ✅ SSR NO1 ACTOR SSR NO1 IN STUDY SSR GOOD PERSONALITY SSR RESPECT THE POOR PEOPLE SSR writing with both hands SSR cricket batting left hand & write hand Good artist Amazing look Good in fitness SSR like fast food & chocolates like a child ✅✅✅ Shame on Bollywood Shame on Bhatts Shame on Kapoors Shame on Politicians Shame on Police Shame on Khans Why MS DHONI SILENCE SSR BIG RESPECT FOR MS About SSR leaked video🚭 1+1 =0 This is Binary code SSR KNOW BINARY CODES Remember he's only intelligent actor in study Oooo bhai kon drug kr k book perta ha Oooo bhai kon drug kr k subah subah uthta ha SSR is not a drugy SSR k films director ne b kaha tha SSR ko drug lete nhi dekha na wo depression mai tha SSR k friends ne b kaha k nhi nhi SSR drug nhi leta tha or khush b tha SSR ki family ne b kaha k SSR drugs nhi leta Fans ne b dawa kiya k SSR drugs nhi leta SSR k jim trainer ne b kaha nhi wo drugs nhi krta tha wo fit tha or energy man tha na hi wo depression mai tha SSR k driver ne b kaha ha k SSR ko kabhi drugs letay nhi dekha or wo to bohat achay insaan thay na hi unko koi depression tha SSR ko ek interview mai jab juice diya gya to pta ha SSR ne kya kaha k ismai alcohol to nhi ha na YAAR KITNA ACHA INSAAN THA SSR kisi drug dealer ne SSR ka naam nhi liya Kisi drug dealer ne ye nhi kaha k SSR drugs lete thay SSR ki koii drug chat nhi mili Deepika,Sara,Shradah drugs Sherlyn Chopra exposing Deepika & IPL Rhea ka apna bhai keh rha ha Rhea drugree ha About Kanaga Three time national awards winning actor: KANGANA Kangana pagal ha jo Sari duniya ka sath de rhi ha SSR sachai mai Kangana pagal ha jo damkiyoon se b nhi drti Kangana pagal ha ji Bollywood mai drugs ko expose krne wali ha Kangana pagal ha jo sachai k pichey apni property kho rhi ha Or kuch chutiye thk hain #justice4kangana Sari duniya juthi ha Sub fans juthay hain Expert dictors juthay hain CBI juthi ha NCB juthi ha Murder evidence bohat hain chalo mai ek hi question puchu ga jo kehtay hain suicide ha. Bus mujko yhi explain krdao k jo neck mark ha kya wo suicide mark ha chalo bta do itna dimag to hoga apke pass Aray jiska bhai keh rha ha Rhea drugy ha uska sath detay ho????? #justice4SSR 100+ murder evidences 0 Suicide evidence You killed him You can't killed his dreams You crushed his body You can't crush his spirit Miss you SSR😢 Arnab Go.... Mumbai police,ALL Bollywood, KHAN FANS, MUMBAI GOV, R.Bharat ko banf krne ki sazishe kii jrhi hain SUB ARNAB K KHILAAF HAIN Wo sachaii k liye lar raha ha itnay pressure k bawajood. SSR murder case k q/s ka inke pass a/s nhi ha In k pass do options thay Arnab ko khreed lo ya giraftaar krlo Arnab ko khreeda to ja nhi sakta to ab usko 2 sall purany case mai pkr k ku le kr gaye wo case jo k band tha or Court ne b usko open krne ka order nhi jari kiya tha Mumbai police kit to kya hi baat ha Kangana ka office b tor dala jab k Kangana k pass sub documents b thay or Court ne b kaha tha k ap ne Kangana k office ko kuch naii krna. SSR jis ne depression or suicide k khilaaf film bnaii CHICHORE... Aray ja k film dekho agr nhi dekhi to. Dr. Sudhir Gupta exposed- CID-CBI case like SSR- CID case like DISHA case- Ekta Kapoor birthday Disha murdered Aditya bitch k birthday pe SSR murdered Forensic expert talking about SSR murder It's a murder 100% We want justice for SSR✅ From Pak❤🌷❤
Maria Lauri
Maria Lauri Ay əvvəl
Vorrei tanto il ritorno di ryhan. Trovate una soluzione e fatela tornare.
Elmira Mustafa
Elmira Mustafa Ay əvvəl
Emir allah səni vursun o körpəni niyə o qədər ağladırsan
Kasia El
Kasia El Ay əvvəl
Haha ... Gemre watching Suna on TV a sight more amazing than Emir's tears, I wonder if anyone noticed it ?! 🧐🤔🤫🤣
Dolores Gavira Parejo
Dolores Gavira Parejo Ay əvvəl
Bravo una interpretación magistral 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Dolores Gavira Parejo
Dolores Gavira Parejo Ay əvvəl
Melocotón te hecho de menos cariño 😘😘🙏🏻🇪🇸
G. Grychtol
G. Grychtol Ay əvvəl
Tak bardzo mi serce sciska --brak mi Reyhan przy synku i Emirze a mogl byc inny scenariusz --szczesliwy wielka szkoda ze jest inaczej ......pozdrawiam fanow "Przysiegi"...😂😂
As Sadik
As Sadik Ay əvvəl
Why you are't release season 2 in hindi or urdho????😡😡..please quickly release.
Sarwer Sheikh
Sarwer Sheikh Ay əvvəl
Please dubbed in hindi
sebine settarov
sebine settarov Ay əvvəl
Bele abla olmur, psixdi bu yönetmen bunu nezere almalıdır.
Pramwattie Singh
Pramwattie Singh Ay əvvəl
Emir I feel your emotions through my heart it brought tears to my eyes . Just want to hug you. All your expression in this episode was deeply felt . Well done .
Umme Salma Biva
Umme Salma Biva Ay əvvəl
gokberk is worth seeing .
Klara Kruspe
Klara Kruspe Ay əvvəl
Зачем Малахат Аббасова согласилась на роль матери,которая вечно плачет ? Это что за женщина ? Вечно плачет,и плачет... Противно смотреть.
خلود احمد
خلود احمد Ay əvvəl
هذا المسلسل يعرض في دولة في شمال افريقيا وافس.و المسلسل ب لهجتهم
om barae tifa
om barae tifa Ay əvvəl
المغرب لكن ما زالوا في الجزء الثاني
Douda Torki
Douda Torki Ay əvvəl
كنت أضن أن جيميري تشاهد ذكرياتها مع صونا لكنها تشاهد في مسلسل
Aytən Aliyeva
Aytən Aliyeva Ay əvvəl
Əla dizi😊🇹🇷🇦🇿
الحشد كشخة الشيعة
الحشد كشخة الشيعة Ay əvvəl
الحشد كشخة الشيعة
الحشد كشخة الشيعة Ay əvvəl
هاي السلسل عجبتني كلش عجبني.
Samina Noman
Samina Noman Ay əvvəl
Plzzzzzz finish this drama ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
Dilsad Haciyeva
Dilsad Haciyeva Ay əvvəl
Qumru coxxx yorucu.
This dizi very bad but you channel very good dizi👎. Channel good 👍👍👍😎🇦🇿🇹🇷
This video very bad👎👎 part 125 good
Isabel Perez Sanchez
Isabel Perez Sanchez Ay əvvəl
Emir muy buen actor excelente capítulo y ferider mencanta hace un papel muy bueno
Lia Montecelo
Lia Montecelo Ay əvvəl
Comencé a verla con mucho entusiasmo en español , pero después la dejaron de subtitular y no es lo mismo, muy larga para leer los comentarios.
Teresa Szyszko
Teresa Szyszko Ay əvvəl
Gorberk super Frytka tragedia Tuman do szkoły tylko dobrej bo z niej żadna aktorka na statyste i to się nie nadaje
Mathematize Ay əvvəl
Where English subtitle
Fatma Hesenov
Fatma Hesenov Ay əvvəl
Она Сана..хикметбей.деди.ешитмедин.сени.копек.йерине.гоян.кимди😕😕😕
aydan niftaliyev
aydan niftaliyev Ay əvvəl
Quru red olsun artiq yaaaaaaa
Sahin Qasimli
Sahin Qasimli Ay əvvəl
Yeter ya bu kadar aci Emircun yeter artiq Reyhan donsun mutl u bir aile olsun Ferideyede gozel bir kismet ciksin ozu kalbi kibi gozel bir kismet
alex lexa
alex lexa Ay əvvəl
Gimana caranya memaksakan hati kamal yang tidak mencintai itu sama saja menyiram air pada minyak yang selamanya tidak akan pernah menyatu. Jika menjadi kemal daripada ingin menuruti keinginan narin untuk memenuhi keinginan kumru lebih baik tidak memilih keduanya daripada kehidupan sehari-hari selalu dirundung masalah yang tidak pernah berakhir setelah kedatangan kumru dan ibunya di kehidupan kemal dan masal
alex lexa
alex lexa Ay əvvəl
Semua orang telah tertipu oleh kemunafikan kumru hanya kemal yang mengetahui siasat keinginan kumru untuk merebut kemal dari narin, keluguan narin sangat membuat kumru semakin agresif terhadap kemal
Оля Мамедова
Оля Мамедова Ay əvvəl
tarheel715 Ay əvvəl
So Oya is the only one to rightly point out that the baby was kidnapped because of Feride's baggage, just as Hikmet is being poisoned because of that manipulative woman connected to Feride who has wormed her way into the house? You would think after dealing with Cavidan, Hikmet would be a little more cautious when it comes to trusting people. His wife of over 30 years attacked him in the back and left him for dead, and that was AFTER she tried to frame him for her attempted murder to turn his children against him. Why does he trust Feride and this weird woman connected to her when he knows nothing about either of them and so many dangerous things keep happening since Feride showed up? I get that Feride herself might be sincere, but she does have a lot of dangerous and manipulative people around her and she knows that Songul is up to no good staying in that house. Feride pretending she doesn't know Songul has ulterior motives for staying at the house makes her complicit in whatever she has planned.
GÜL Ay əvvəl
Uşağı necə də düzgün seçıblər oxşarlıqda elə bil Emirin oz oğludu.
اصباغ تل الألوان
اصباغ تل الألوان Ay əvvəl
ابدعووو بل تمثيل❤️ جوك وجانسو ❤️ولطفل هم ❤️
Hüseyin Uysal
Hüseyin Uysal Ay əvvəl
Rerhay gelsin
Hüseyin Uysal
Hüseyin Uysal Ay əvvəl
Feride ve yengesi gitti sin bu film çok igrek
Alicia Antunes
Alicia Antunes Ay əvvəl
Quien falta ahí!!!!si, si es Rey han(Ozge),nuestra querida , Q bella es esta escena Yapo al señor Gokberk, q actor, pero falta Ozge
Margarita Reyes
Margarita Reyes Ay əvvəl
Ay no esttrañable e inremplasable Reyhan
Halina Sienkiewicz
Halina Sienkiewicz Ay əvvəl
Elvin Nuraliyev
Elvin Nuraliyev Ay əvvəl
Sylwia Maria
Sylwia Maria Ay əvvəl
Emir i syn fajne sceny ale niestety Feride wiedzie prym jest najważniejsza tłem wszędzie niezastąpiona to wszystko jest zbyt przykre i żałosne z fajnego serialu zrobić taki kicz👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Umida Inomova
Umida Inomova Ay əvvəl
Emir bravo sana
Halina Sienkiewicz
Halina Sienkiewicz Ay əvvəl
True friendship, true love lasts forever !!! A memory is a form of meeting. A memory is a paradise that no one can drive us out. Memories, like little jewels, embellish the time of separation, soothe the pain of longing. The person we love lives through our love and memories. Oh Emir, Emir, you were not allowed to accept such a scenario in which Nazime kills what was the most beautiful love and pushes you into a new love with someone nondescript without mentioning Reyhan. This is unacceptable. They want to lift a girl without beauty and talent at your expense. That could be forgiven, but not impudent imposition, without tact, delicacy, refinement, even outside the script on the set. Years behind you, give her a broom does not sweep. Sorry, but by lifting her they do her the greatest harm. A big mistake in this role, and in the phenomenal, fresh, delicate, glowing Ozge !!!!!!!!!!!
Halina Sienkiewicz
Halina Sienkiewicz Ay əvvəl
Gerçek dostluk, gerçek aşk sonsuza kadar sürer !!! Anı, bir buluşma şeklidir. Bir anı, kimsenin bizi dışarı atamayacağı bir cennettir. Küçük mücevherler gibi anılar da ayrılık zamanını süslüyor, özlemin acısını yatıştırıyor. Sevdiğimiz kişi, aşkımız ve anılarımız aracılığıyla yaşar. Ah Emir Emir, Nazime'nin Reyhan'dan bahsetmeden en güzel aşkı öldürdüğü ve sizi sıradan olmayan biriyle yeni bir aşka ittiği böyle bir senaryoyu kabul edemezsiniz. Bu kabul edilemez. Senin pahasına güzelliği ve yeteneği olmayan bir kızı büyütmek istiyorlar. Bu affedilebilir, ancak setteki senaryonun dışında bile nezaket, incelik, incelik olmadan küstahça dayatma değil. Yıllar arkanızda, süpürmeyecek bir süpürge verin ona. Üzgünüm ama onu kaldırarak en çok canını yaktılar. Bu rolde ve olağanüstü, taze, narin, ışıltılı Ozge'de büyük bir hata !!!!!!!!!!!
Karisteen John
Karisteen John Ay əvvəl
Look how Emir is living with out you😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Karisteen John
Karisteen John Ay əvvəl
Emir become soulless without u Reyhan 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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