Emanet 59. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 59 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

Swadhin Patel
Swadhin Patel 2 ay əvvəl
Anyone who thinks these Turkish series have the same stories(most of them) and stereotype characters rich and handsome but rude male lead and don't have real love until the female lead shows up who's pretty but can never take stand for her self, also poor, always sacrifice her career for the male lead and then there is a 3rd guy who's truly in love with her,respects her, who's less good looking than the main lead, or probably less rich but she'll never fall for him
Hristo Krumov
Hristo Krumov 2 ay əvvəl
Tamara Sid
Tamara Sid 2 ay əvvəl
Супер сериал!
Rajpoot Raj
Rajpoot Raj 2 ay əvvəl
Let them marry now plzzzz
Auxiliadora ruiz fernandez
Auxiliadora ruiz fernandez 2 ay əvvəl
uuuuuyyyyyy crei que se lo estaba diciendo él....
Khawlhring Ophel
Khawlhring Ophel 2 ay əvvəl
Plizzzz upload full episode
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 2 ay əvvəl
I haven’t seen in my life a man looks so nice wearing blue yaman in this episode.Halil can carry all kinds of dress and color so smartly, he is a born handsome guy.
Aranza Marco marti
Aranza Marco marti 2 ay əvvəl
🤩🤩🤩que bonita promo,la he repetido una y otra vez 0:15 memorableeeeeee esa mirada de Yamaaaaan a Seher,entre otras cosas por eso me gusta la personalidad de Seher,la veo una mujer sincera que dice lo que realmente piensa y en el momento que lo piensa.y aunque sea con un hombre como Yaman eso no significa que no tiene dignidad ni orgullo sino todo lo contrario y gracias a esto ha conseguido ir desarmándolo poco a poco.Yamaaaaaan ¡¡¡qué mala suerte tenemoooos !!!,en esa situación si en vez de Kanal 7 hubiera sido en cualquier otro canal hubiéramos tenido el placer de ver como le estampas a Seher un beso ...intenso e interminable...¡¡¡a duras penas te has podido contener!!!😘😘😘
Martha isa paba c
Martha isa paba c 2 ay əvvəl
Ya le sacó casa jajajajaja 😁💕💕
S N 2 ay əvvəl
❤️🔥🔥🔥lov in air. . My favourite serial. .. i don know ... Turkish ... But i lov legacy ...😍... Gr8 couple .. seher&yaman
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 2 ay əvvəl
Actually it’s not Yaman’s fault coz he already asked to close the trap but nadim by mistake couldn’t manage this, so yaman should tell everything to seher and seher should forgive yaman. Just let yaman and seher live a happy life in this drama , coz they suffered a lot in their past , especially yaman got huge hurt in his life. Now pls focus on Iqbal and juhail.
Nancy Gloynstein
Nancy Gloynstein 2 ay əvvəl
hola Legacy¡¡ gcias¡ por este capit.subtitulad en español¡¡ ansiosa espero cap.60¡¡ saludos hoy 26.11.20¡¡🇦🇷
Amparo Juan
Amparo Juan 2 ay əvvəl
Me encanta como yusuf abraza a su tía cuando están en la cama ahora falta yaman los tren en la cama una familia
Sandra Barbosa
Sandra Barbosa 2 ay əvvəl
Meus amores quero assistir o capítulo 59 estou muito ansiosa
Mayeth Official Vlogs
Mayeth Official Vlogs 2 ay əvvəl
Feel better now...
yo wen
yo wen 2 ay əvvəl
we need dating scene
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 2 ay əvvəl
Yaman pls tell the truth to seher before juhail, seher pls forgive yaman and stay happy both of u.
Idaara Khan
Idaara Khan 2 ay əvvəl
Yaman: there's something yu should know. Seher: what is it? Yaman: That I love yu so much Ben seni çok seviyorum😍😊
Tania Liu
Tania Liu 2 ay əvvəl
Uda nga sabar nunggu 59 bolum. Seher have beautiful eyes. I love all of Turkish drama. Endonezya' dan selamlar ve hepsini seviyorum😍
Andy Morraw
Andy Morraw 2 ay əvvəl
tan hermosa fragmente serial
Esma Khajazada
Esma Khajazada 2 ay əvvəl
Andy Morraw
Andy Morraw 2 ay əvvəl
yeman y seher no te vayas,
Olev Mogan
Olev Mogan 2 ay əvvəl
Our lovely couple
Olev Mogan
Olev Mogan 2 ay əvvəl
Can you believe this seher,
Gheorghiu Angela
Gheorghiu Angela 2 ay əvvəl
,,People sometimes make mistakes" I hope so she will forgive him and she will not be too disappointed in him! We want to see Yaman,Saher and Yusuf together that a FAMILY ❤
Bian Moves
Bian Moves 2 ay əvvəl
asla bitmemeli
Bian Moves
Bian Moves 2 ay əvvəl
mükemmel bir dizi
Rosina Taye
Rosina Taye 2 ay əvvəl
Hello "Emanet" family. ♥️
lamordaz 2 ay əvvəl
Dm Bailey
Dm Bailey 2 ay əvvəl
i want a yamen
Patikah Rasmin
Patikah Rasmin 2 ay əvvəl
masa kazim
masa kazim 2 ay əvvəl
وول يابة شنوو هاي ابو الشباب 😉😉 اعتقد العرب مايعلقون بس اني😐
Marija Kavelj
Marija Kavelj 2 ay əvvəl
I think he immediately went to Arif baba to talk about Seher and his own mistake. He did not dare to tell her the truth.
ana cristina carrasco silva
ana cristina carrasco silva 2 ay əvvəl
Omg yaman ha quitado muchas paredes en este dos últimos capitulos.... Espero que seher tenga mucho dolor como para no subir ñas escaleras y necesite ayuda y que yaman le toque cargarla para subir...... 😄😄😄 asi los dos se ponen nerviosos y que el resto de estos días necesite un par de ayuditas y que yaman este cerca para ayudarla...🤗🤗🤗🤗.
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight 2 ay əvvəl
Miftari Linda
Miftari Linda 2 ay əvvəl
Whats the truth?
Janti Nasution-Toth
Janti Nasution-Toth 2 ay əvvəl
Can't wait for this episode
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg 2 ay əvvəl
he is behind all this mess. means he is the reason of her jail
Aussie Egy
Aussie Egy 2 ay əvvəl
It’s time to call Saher by her name
Melahat Kavak
Melahat Kavak 2 ay əvvəl
Ya soyliyecek ben seni hapise gonderdim diye seher insallah kizmaz. “ yamanin soylemesi iyi cunku seytan kardesler den ogrenirse kotu
Aleeza Shaikh
Aleeza Shaikh 2 ay əvvəl
It's better Yaman himself tell everything to Seher, before those trouble ladies🙌
Evelyn Vance
Evelyn Vance 2 ay əvvəl
I hope the writer and the director will give more scene and conversation between Yaman and Seher.. Its seems that Ali and Kiraz are the lead roles they more scene and conversation 😃🙂😊
ash f
ash f 2 ay əvvəl
Don't drag the serial for this apologizing thing... You have dragged enough it's 60th episode please put some romance or happily in relationship type things.. please don't drag🙏
ash f
ash f 2 ay əvvəl
Seher is very kind hearted 💞 ..she has forgiven the guy who buried her in grave... here yaman is confessing the truth... I am damn sure she will forgive him...after knowing the truth she will be hurt ...
krezaei rezaei
krezaei rezaei 2 ay əvvəl
سریال امانت قشنگ بود با مهربونی یامان قشنگتر شد سحر ویوسف مهربون عالی ❤
Natəvan Baxşiyeva
Natəvan Baxşiyeva 2 ay əvvəl
Natəvan Baxşiyeva
Natəvan Baxşiyeva 2 ay əvvəl
Ima Harun
Ima Harun 2 ay əvvəl
It might be ended by he is afraid to admit his mistake and losing her..hopefully no ..coz it will be risk in their future ...she forgave everyone that harmed her..her kidnapper and her attacker in the lock up but Mr Kirimly is the one who gain her trust..😖😰..
El-frida Rose Butarbutar
El-frida Rose Butarbutar 2 ay əvvəl
Black Friday coming soon.... Let's prepare....
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg 2 ay əvvəl
Gülsen Yavlal
Gülsen Yavlal 2 ay əvvəl
Yaman bu aksamda güzel bölümi izlet bize hatani sen söyle Sehere yoksa yilan zuhal söyliemeden
Inare Ceferov
Inare Ceferov 2 ay əvvəl
Yaman Seher siz cok yaraşırslnız bir birinize❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Claudia Antal
Claudia Antal 2 ay əvvəl
I don't think he'll say, I think Seher is thinking about what he did to her in later episodes, you will say something beautiful and Yaman will not have the courage to tell you the truth, or little Jusuf will interrupt them, It would be too nice to be the way we would like to be, but let's not forget who the screenwriter is, You can't expect anything good!!! I would really like to be wrong,
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 2 ay əvvəl
Well said , the screen writer love to create problem rather than solution. It’s getting boaring.
Nergiz Poladova
Nergiz Poladova 2 ay əvvəl
Bunlarin arasında bir şeyler başlıyor qaliba❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💓💗💗💗💗💗
Daniele Mendes
Daniele Mendes 2 ay əvvəl
Esse episódio promete eu já tô surtando de ansiedade 🤯😍
Sankari Arumugam
Sankari Arumugam 2 ay əvvəl
Next Yaman 'sturn to get hurt and Seher will take care ofhim.
Jolanta P
Jolanta P 2 ay əvvəl
O boy, if Yaman will tell the thru , and latter Zuhal will tell Seher that Yaman did it, so there is a question to be ask. How did you know about this????? and we will have a BINGO,, zUHAL did it and less nazmiye is slow thinking with the script
Nuray Ceferova
Nuray Ceferova 2 ay əvvəl
Zühal qız korsanmı görmürsən yaman səni nəyinki sevmir üzünə belə baxmır. Aradan Çəkil o çənəni də az uzat irəli elə qalacaqsan qız🤣🤣☺️☺️
YSY KIRIMLI. 2 ay əvvəl
0:23 -Yanlış yapıyosun zuhal Yaman her şeyi Sehere anlatacak.Seherde Yamana aynını yapmışdı.Ben biliyorum Seher Yamanı affedecek Benim gibi düşüyosunuz dimi arkadaşlar
Pejuang Islam
Pejuang Islam 2 ay əvvəl
I thought the black box that yaman give to seher is as a proposal..lols😂yaman just tell her your love toward seher..argh!! Still long ep to go through😅
Milagro Fontanez
Milagro Fontanez 2 ay əvvəl
Como puedo ver a Emanet sutitulada en español.
Akina Lo
Akina Lo 2 ay əvvəl
"There's somethings you should know" >>> wo !!!! What a tone!!!!, so soft so gentle, love it!
আমার রান্নাঘর
আমার রান্নাঘর 2 ay əvvəl
I think Seher is known the truth and Yaman will surprise.
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 2 ay əvvəl
That will be great .
TheZerekMan 2 ay əvvəl
OMG people make mistakes 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
anum afzal
anum afzal 2 ay əvvəl
awww my poor yaman fell in love with yusuf's aunt🥰
Fatima Reyhani
Fatima Reyhani 2 ay əvvəl
When Seher was saying “ when you gave me the key you made me feel like I belong here” did Yaman just take a deep breath like his thinking 🤔 “ don’t say things like that to me my heart can’t take it “ ❤️❤️❤️
sonal parmar
sonal parmar 2 ay əvvəl
Will this series have only 60 ep?
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 2 ay əvvəl
@sonal parmar yes people said 3 season 🤷🏻‍♀️
sonal parmar
sonal parmar 2 ay əvvəl
@Amparo Toro omg seriously 😄😄😄
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro 2 ay əvvəl
Ho they said will be 255 ep 😬😬😜😜
ilqar Hüseyneliyev
ilqar Hüseyneliyev 2 ay əvvəl
Herkes bir dursunnnn...YAMAN KIRIMLI :,,insanlar bazen hata yapar ,,....
Anne Santos
Anne Santos 2 ay əvvəl
Na realidade Yaman não consegue nem lembrar do que ele fez.... dói nele ela ter passado por isso por culpa dele....acho que ele não vai ter coragem de conta não....as serpentes contando acho que Seher ficará triste mas vai perdoar ele....ele tá mudando e não terá coragem de fazer nada com ela mas.....só por ciúmes tipo bater em Selim naquele idiota
walkiria mallea
walkiria mallea 2 ay əvvəl
Que bueno seria que cuando las🐍🐍le digan a Seher la verdad, ella les respondiera, oh si ya lo sabia , Yaman me lo dijo, uyyy seria buenisimo.
Aranza Marco marti
Aranza Marco marti 2 ay əvvəl
🤣🤣🤣🤣 sería ideal,no sería la primera vez que Seher les da un "puntazo" de ese estilo a las siniestras arpías Creo que lo comenté en otro de los fragmanis a una pregunta de Paty , realmente a mí me gustaría que fuera Yaman quien le confesara todo a Seher pero creo que finalmente serán las siniestras hermanas quienes se lo dirán pero tal como le dijo Seher a Yaman cuando volvió con Yusuf a la mansión "yo no soy como tú " pienso que Seher se encarará con Yaman y le pedirá explicaciones ,Seher es más comprensiva y sabe escuchar,supongo que entonces Yaman se explicará y se darán cuenta que... una vez más "la mano negra" ha actuado para perjudicarles ,espero que Yaman y Seher empiecen a averiguar al respecto ,aún así creo que las siniestras se volverán a librar.Vuelvo a repetir que lo ideal creo que sería que Yaman se lo confesara todo pero visto lo visto y para enredar un poquito más al gusto de la guionista no creo que sea tan simple,lo que si puede ocurrir es que como tú dices la reacción de Seher a este tema,no sea la esperada por las siniestras🤣🤣🤣🤣y estas acaben llevándose el gran chasco y tiro por la culata(de nuevo)
Beatriz Blandon
Beatriz Blandon 2 ay əvvəl
Que sea yaman quien diga la verdad, que seher se enoje y lo perdone al ver su arrepentimiento. Pero para ser honesta pienso que se va enterar por la víbora y vamos a retroceder nuevamente 😢😤
Abber Mohammed
Abber Mohammed 2 ay əvvəl
Esther Scanlan
Esther Scanlan 2 ay əvvəl
Unfortunately Yaman we're never tell the truth .no matter what he mentioned to Seher people makes mistakes ..but if he told the truth ? A brings a lot of memories back to her .first times she enter that Manson .also first ? Yaman should find out ? Who are the enemies in that house .Yaman & Seher were never happy if they we're getting married.its only for the sake of baby Angel Yusuf. Writers should pushing those 2 devils out from the series .
Vera Gelever
Vera Gelever 2 ay əvvəl
I am with you here 🤔🤔😊
Abdullah Kul
Abdullah Kul 2 ay əvvəl
Türkçe yorum yapında okuyalım bari😔
Luciene Alves
Luciene Alves 2 ay əvvəl
Eu espero que esses dois se entendem da medo de começar outra briga separação
Sulamita Ferreira
Sulamita Ferreira 2 ay əvvəl
People sometines make mistakes, hahaha yaman... realmente as vezes as pessoas fazem besteira, mas as tuas quase que matar a sehen...
BEATRIZ 2 ay əvvəl
Quando é que esses dois ficam juntos ??????????
Abc Abcd
Abc Abcd 2 ay əvvəl
Very nice
Yvaviene Lastlong
Yvaviene Lastlong 2 ay əvvəl
be the first one to tell the truth yaman..
Zhilia Karim
Zhilia Karim 2 ay əvvəl
But also look at the fragman it look like he won’t say
mari gold
mari gold 2 ay əvvəl
When seher said "it feels good to belong somewhere with yousuf, YAMAN": I belong with you too😘😘
Zhilia Karim
Zhilia Karim 2 ay əvvəl
If he won’t tell her the truth this drama will be a kids toys because sometimes you have to think in a logic way or you have to make a change to have a more viewer isn’t it ? We all think that he will not say it because we already known yaman but the screen writer should’ve make us surprise am I right ?
Marwah Jan
Marwah Jan 2 ay əvvəl
Finally interesting
Marwah Jan
Marwah Jan 2 ay əvvəl
Yeman doesn’t know how to say sorry so he says it in a way I just love it
00 00
00 00 2 ay əvvəl
I dont think the snakes will strike now they will wait until Yaman and Seher have had more close moments and bonding before breaking the news that way it will be a bigger mess and betrayal to Seher than if they strike now the mess will not be as big because their bond is still too new.
Gabriela Ouple
Gabriela Ouple 2 ay əvvəl
Beautiful I can't wait until tomorrow ❣❣❣
Angélica González
Angélica González 2 ay əvvəl
Noooooo, por favor ya queremos ver que sean felices, qué reacción tendrá Seher cuando le diga la verdad, el amor todo lo perdona ❤️❤️❤️ esperemos que así sea
Shingraki Grakai
Shingraki Grakai 2 ay əvvəl
تريد ترجمة عربي عالية الجودة روح اشترك في قناة toota tv
Schirley Simoes
Schirley Simoes 2 ay əvvəl
Obrigada pela legenda em espanhol 😘
Patricia Galvan
Patricia Galvan 2 ay əvvəl
Hay ahora si yaman lo traen cacheteando la banqueta bien enamorado tortolito
Jussara Vieira
Jussara Vieira 2 ay əvvəl
Michelle N
Michelle N 2 ay əvvəl
Ok he made a mistake..... like a tsunami of a mistake, but he fixed it. I mean the guy needs to get some sleep before his confession. He never sleeps.
maria rosa rodriguez
maria rosa rodriguez 2 ay əvvəl
Ziya bey es un amor es puro la quiere genuinamente a Seher el para mi esta muy empastillado por la cobra Iqbal que se nota que no lo quiere ni un cachito lo usa uf uf
madalina alexa
madalina alexa 2 ay əvvəl
Since Emanet started the scene when he said People makes mistakes, IT is the Best. His eyes, his face, his voice-Best acting moment by now.
Betty Sosa
Betty Sosa 2 ay əvvəl
Bien Yaman!!!!👏👏👏👏🙏🙏 La gente aveces comete errores???? Q empiece el AMOR!!♥️🇦🇷
Michelle N
Michelle N 2 ay əvvəl
Can you believe this Zulal, she’s besides herself. Whatever she’s feeling, her driving force feels really dark and unhinged! Pretty impressive performance ! She really became this ugly person.
Milou Maxwell
Milou Maxwell 2 ay əvvəl
Seher always gets hurt in the same place.. first the bullet then that sharp glace
Faith Cohen
Faith Cohen 2 ay əvvəl
Please can you change Seher look a little bit ; just little ; She's already so beautiful but dress her more Sexy and Sensual 😂 😂😂To make yaman go jaloussss and crazy for the sake of all Pain he did to her !!!! 😂😂😂😅 pleaseee!!!
Nicy Saju
Nicy Saju 2 ay əvvəl
But you know... in this particular channel they give only decent dress code for the lead role and fashionable dress to the supporting roles and villains... like in Yemin and adini sen koy 😂😂😂
Vera Gelever
Vera Gelever 2 ay əvvəl
Ahaha 👍😂😂😂😂. And less red eyes 😂😂😂
Jussara Vieira
Jussara Vieira 2 ay əvvəl
Loise Boateng
Loise Boateng 2 ay əvvəl
It’s funny how some people think that Yaman will tell Seher the truth like after almost 60 episodes everyone should that This drama isn’t like other daily subs because our dear writers are ’’special...” and they would NEVER give us this satisfaction of seeing Yamhers or Sehyam relationship grow to THIS extent thus fast that they or he actually really confesses his wrongdoings. We should be grateful for him even given her a KEY like that’s not usual or him saying that PEOPLE make MISTAKES like just think about this YAMAN KIRIMLI saying that PEOPLE make MISTAKES that’s REVOLUTIONARY and even if he really was to tell her without getting interrupted by whomsoever that would only happen with the plan of creating an even bigger confusion
سعاد سعاد
سعاد سعاد 2 ay əvvəl
سعاد سعاد
سعاد سعاد 2 ay əvvəl
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